Management and Structure of the Organization

The Foundation is governed by a Management Board. The Management Board appoints the executive director of the organization. The chairperson of the Management Board and the executive director are authorized to represent the organization jointly and severally.

Management Board:

Mr Ilian Karshev, lawyer, chairperson of the Management Board;

Mrs. Sabina Sabeva, M.D., Ph.D, 

Mrs. Metodka Petrova, psychologist

Mrs. Miglena Baldjieva, lawyer

Mr Rolf Widmer, social worker, honorary chairperson of the Management Board since 2012, director of ISS Switzerland until 2015, cofounder and member of the Management Board of ISS Bulgaria from 2002 to 2012.

Executive director: Georgi Grigorov

Board of Trustees

Mrs Nadja Stancheva, interpreter;

Mr Asen Tzukeveconomist;

Mr. Ventzeslav Sabev, international buisness consultant and NGO leader committed to cross-cultural dialogue and education



ISS-Bulgaria has three divisions:

Development and Management of Social Services Division headed by Metodka Petrova, psychologist;

Intercountry Casework Division headed by Miglena Baldjieva, lawyer;

Administrative and Financial Management Division headed by Petya Dimitrova, chief accountant.